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Russia as perceived by the Serb elite

30 January 2008, HCHRS


Mihajlo Markovic, academician:

Election of Tomislav Nikolic could end the existing vassal-like and servile relations towards the leading powers of the world globalization which had broken up our country, introduced sanctions against us, bombarded us, continue to blackmail us, and strive to take Kosovo from us and thus continue to carve us up.

(...) I think that the choice of Nikolic would enable us to ensure the mutually good co-operation with the Western Europe, plus necessary forms of co-operation with Russia, China and other countries interested in equitable political and economic relations with Serbia.

Finally I hope that the choice of Nikolic could provide for a major role of the state in the necessary recovery of economy and combat against unemployment, and in strengthening of social security.

(...) As regards integration relations, we are already in Europe, we are ready to co-operate with all of them, but without blackmail, on an equal footing. We don't need so-called Atlantic integrations. They are not desirable. No country in the world has ever voluntarily joined a military alliance which had bombarded us, and which is now misappropriating part of its country.

(...) Tadic kept bowing to the neighbors, was servile and kept apologizing for the war crimes committed in the civil war by all sides.

(Pobeda, 26-27 January 2008)


Branka Nevestic, journalist:

Intra-coalition pressure keeps this country from superfluous orientations and prevents it from responding to the false dilemma -the East and West.

We don't need that response, it is not required by anyone, barring the "internal friends". They are the only ones who want us to declare our allegiance either for Russia or Europe, that is America, and thus hang on the roles which they had been given.

Hence it is good that the Russian gas shall shortly start running through Serbia.since the French, British and American cannot. It is of no interest why diverse political and media stooges would prefer the Western gas. We all know that the profits from the said gas would not go into their pockets, to give them energy for their "lofty struggle" which they call -the European future. Regardless of the line toed by the ruling coalition, the latter managed to prove that without the Serb present there is no Serb future, even the European one. Perhaps that is the only way for Serbia to become stronger, mightier and more important than the politicians leading it. Hence Serbia in this January has the chance to recover its shaken dignity and start feeling like-a state. In that effort it was clearly helped by the energy deal with Russia and would be helped by the expected signing of the Association and Stabilization Agreement with Russia. Ilic and Delic. Each with his pen and signature. For a strong and stable Serbia.

(Press, 25 January 2008)


Ceda Antic, historian:

Collapse of the Soviet Union set the stage for Russia's comeback to the East, to the place it belonged before the 18th century. Yeltsin's Russia was not inclined towards Milosevic regime. Russia did not prevent the sanctions and vilification and isolation of Serbia. During the NATO intervention, the Russian mine-laying vessel "Puskin" has never made it to the Adriatic Sea. Russian contingent victoriously arrived in Pristina, before the NATO troops, but due to under-funding, was quickly pulled out. The new Russian policy on Serbia, Kosovo and energy future of the Balkans is part of a continuous strategy. Like during the reigns of Catharine II, Nicholay I and Nicholay II, Russia got an ally in the shape of Serbia, at the time when the states separating them are not on Russia's and Serbia's side.

(Evropa, 24 January 2008)



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