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Sonja Biserko receives recognition for her advocacy for women rights


Chairwoman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia Sonja Biserko received the Recognition for Contribution to Women's Social Standing from Women's Caucus in the Parliament of Kosovo.

Yet another ten women and men were among this year's recipients. The list includes Kosovo President Atifete Jahjari, the first woman president in the region, and the parliamentary speaker, Jakub Krasnici, who demonstrated sensibility for gender issues and contributed to the first budget ever for the work of women's parliamentary network.

Among the awardees are: the only survivor of the Jashari family, girl Besarta Jashari, who managed to create a life of her own despite the family tragedy; singer Nedzmija Pagerusha, who has always been a model of decorum for young women in Kosovo; actress Safete Rugova who contributed to education and better position of women at Kosovo theater scene; editor of women's magazine and women's rights activist, Sanie Gashi; journalist Halil Matoshi, who counteracts gender bias in his articles; Durate Berdohia, who managed to overcome trauma of the war and became a successful business woman; and Director of the Humanitarian Law Center Natasa Kandic, who received recognition for her advocacy of human rights. Nekibe Kellmendi was awarded posthumously - despite her tragic loss in the war which took away her two sons and husband she was an indefatigable advocate of women's rights and leader to other women.

"Sonja Biserko is a former diplomat and a woman who has renounced all privileges and decided to fight against Slobodan Milosevic instead. She is a member of the Women's Regional Lobby and in 2007 addressed a letter to the Security Council in favor of Kosovo's independence," said Flora Brovina, member of the parliament, on the occasion.



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