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Report of the Conference in Oslo "Right-wing extremism in Europe"

October 23, 2013.


The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia participated in the two-day conference (October 8-9, 2013) on right- wing extremism at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, Norway. The conference was organized by the Norwegian Center Against Racism. Many distinguished scholars, human rights activists and other quests speakers gave insightful contributions to this pressing issue highlighting the serious rise of right-wing extremism in Europe today. Jelena Dzombic of the Helsinki Committee addressed the right-wing extremism in Serbia: she gave an overview of the current situation, spoke about right-wing organizations in Serbia, their origins, actions and ideologies, but also their relation with state authorities. In this context, she also broached the influence of the media and the Serbian Orthodox Church on the right-wing extremism on the one hand and the role of those civil society organizations combating them on the other.

Participants from Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden spoke about right-wing extremism in their countries. Liz Fekete from the Institute of Race Relations from the United Kingdom provided an insight into extremist trends of in today’s Europe. The Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee tackled the situation in Russia. The conference specifically focused the rise of extremism in Norway and Europe. All speakers presented possible counter-strategies, whereas the Superintendent of the Oslo Police District, professors at the Oslo University, representatives of civil society organizations and experts from other countries discussed solutions to the problem. Two panels within the conference elaborated current developments and prospects, and effective counter-strategies respectively.

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights believes that conferences of this type are very important in the context of the rise of right-wing extremism in Europe, since they draw public attention to this pending threat. In these politically and economically turbulent times, we must not forget the values that made modern Europe: these very values are at stake considering expansion of the right-wing extremism. In order to turn the tide, we must create opportunities for young people – the easy prey of extremist groups – and make them aware of the threat of the right-wing extremism.
















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