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Please help inasmuch as you can Nebojša Tasić

October 11, 2016.



Dear friends,

This is to ask you for help. Namely, our colleague and dearest friend Nebojša Tasić, diagnosed with melanoma following a routine, mole removal surgery, was after eight years of regular, annual checkups identified with malign changes on his liver, lungs and parts of bone system.

These are bad news indeed; and yet, there is a good one too: Nebojša was also found a promising candidate for the so-called genetic therapy (tests detected the V600 mutation of BRAF gene). There are, besides, immunologic therapies and other procedures that would help Nebojša fight against this sinister disease. Unfortunately, none of these procedures – except for conventional chemo that is less than 10 percent successful in melanoma cases – is available to patients in Serbia.

At this phase – while undergoing chemo and radiotherapy at his oncology department – Nebojša has been applying for various experimental studies abroad treating patients with combined drugs for BRAF gene mutation, as well as for studies combining immunologic medicines on patients. And we have been all, simultaneously, looking for most effective ways to obtain for him medicaments for genetic therapy for the longest possible period.

All this calls for time and energy, but that’s something we would gladly spare – and can manage. However, we simply cannot manage financially without a helping hand from you, but also any information about specific studies or possibilities for therapeutic treatment you might share with us.

According to doctors, the sum Nebojša and we would need, to start with, to procure medicaments for genetic therapy approximates 15,000 Euros. In the meantime we shall be waiting for any feedback on including Nebojša into an experimental treatment group.

Any amount of money you could possibly spare – together or individually – will be more than welcome, and Nebojša and we thank you for it in advance from the bottom of our hearts.


We would like you to know that the Helsinki Committee will be responsible for proper expenditure of all the funds collected in this action.


For any further information, for providing your piece of information that might help us and for other means of assistance, please contact:

Ms. Klara Azulaj at

Phone: ++381 11 3349 170; mobile: 381 63/217 106; or email or



You might give your donation via

Bank: Societe Generale Srbija

Account holder: NEBOJSA TASIC

Address/account holder: JUŽNI BULEVAR 116/1/1, BEOGRAD-VRAČAR

RSD account No.: 275-0010897922770-58
IBAN: RS35275001089792277058

EURO account No.: 275-0010897922777-37
IBAN: RS35275001089792277737

For the Helsinki Committee,



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