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NO 141-142

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Helsinki Charter No. 141-142

July - August 2010




By Sonja Biserko

The advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice on the legality of Kosovo's declaration independence, as well as the decision of the Westminster Magistrates Court in London to turn down Belgrade's request for Ejup Ganic's extradition, are important developments in the conclusion of the long historical process of Serbia's decline over the past half century. In recent decades in particular, Serbia has lost the foundations on which to build its dignity and self-respect. The...   More >>>



By Davor Gjenero

Croatian policymakers' decision that the Chief Legal Adviser at the Foreign Ministry should elaborate the reasons why Croatia had been among the countries recognizing Kosovo before the International Court of Justice /ICJ/ and why its independence declaration had been indisputable for it caused the official Belgrade's grudge. As it seems, the prevalent opinion in Serbia was that the decision had been made under the pressure from US as an international patron of sorts of the process of independence proclamation...   More >>>


A Letter from Montenegro


By Igor Peric

Will Montenegrin Premier and leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists /DPS/ Milo Djukanovic keep his promise and withdraw from politics - completely or just resign his premiership - and who will inherit him at party helm and who in his prime ministerial seat - these are all the questions that are now preoccupying the general public and disturbing the leadership of the ruling party. Many dilemmas, even more unknowns and let alone misunderstandings among DPS top...   More >>>


15. Anniversary of the Storm Operation


By Stipe Sikavica

This year, more or less as usual, the cause, the course and mostly the consequences of the Croatia's military operation launched fifteen years ago under the code name "Storm" was discussed, commented and analyzed, here and over there, by the people well-informed about the action itself and the general context in which it took place (especially about its political and military aspects) and honorable intentions, the people with bits of knowledge and unclear intentions and...    More >>>


NO 141-142

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