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NO 163-164

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Helsinki Charter No. 163-164

May - June 2012




By Sonja Biserko

The victory of the Serb Progressive Party and its leader, Tomislav Nikolic, in May 2012 elections laid bare Serbia's grim reality: Serb nationalism is a constant. The international community's political engineering had reached the point after which it was ineffective. Once again it became clear that the changes in 2000 had been cosmetic and touched not the foundation of Milosevic's legacy. All attempts at changing this legacy were brutally curbed (assassination of Zoran Djindjic, consequent ruination of the Democratic Party...   More >>>


Post-Election Serbia


By Vladimir Gligorov

By declaring themselves pro-Europeans, opposition parties made a crucial U-turn in their strategy. Their strategic calculus was quite a simple one - neither more nor less can we be EU-oriented than you, Democrats. Besides, it costs us nothing. The same applies to all other strategies. As they are usually declarative, there is no reason whatsoever why not to take them over from you. Why not copy your slogans such as those about regional cooperation, fight against corruption and organized crime, social justice and, of...   More >>>


Political Culture in Serbia


By Latinka Perovic

A way to thank you all for being here tonight is to tell you the truth: in a way I have myself initiated this lecture. When people from Vojvodina Turnabout asked me to participate in some of the events of their election campaign I promptly suggested a lecture on political culture in Serbia. One of the reasons why I suggested the topic is my deep belief that we all cannot serve public interest in the same manner. Our experiences are different but so are our perception of the past and the present. And there is yet another...   More >>>




NO 163-164

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