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NO 165-166

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Helsinki Charter No. 165-166

July - August 2012




By Sonja Biserko

EU, NATO and US - but Russia too - are taking stock of Serbia’s new regime. It might be too early for them to judge the new government and the President of Republic. However, they are trying to determine their orientation and, especially, attitude towards Kosovo. Expectations are high considering that everybody sees Serbia as a country on the verge of economic collapse that, in addition, may or may not renew the arrangement with IMF. The new government’s performance has been hardly promising so far. This particularly refers to the Governor...   More >>>


Post-election Serbia


By Ivan Torov

Whenever, in the past couple of years, it finds itself in a blind alley or in a critical dilemma – thanks to its electorate or, even more, to its oligarchy – Serbia has Milorad Dodik up its sleeve. No matter how hard the boorish, agile and pretty unruly President of Republika Srpska tries to cover up his wasted support to Boris Tadic and Democratic Party in the election campaign, his demonstrations in Belgrade and Serbia that are growing more frequent and more insolent serve as a barometer of the true nature of the political and national corpse that holds all the reins of government today. At the...   More >>>


Post-election Serbia


By Vladimir Gligorov

Some strategy was developed four years ago – European Union and more welfare. Elections were won on the former, while a coalition was formed on the later. Besides, ideologically speaking, the strategy was attractive to people: social justice was on the agenda and financial burden seemed less heavy as economic expectations were high. Then two years in the movement towards EU were wasted on a futile Kosovo policy, and another four on incompetent management of with financial crisis. Incompetent because the government...   More >>>




NO 165-166

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