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NO 167-168

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Helsinki Charter No. 167-168

September - October 2012




By Sonja Biserko

With brutal dismissals at all levels the new regime speeds up the dissolution of the Serb society. It has started a “cultural revolution” of sorts that follows in the footsteps of the notorious anti-bureaucratic revolution of the late 1980s. Everything is more threatening today than in 1980s because, two decades later, Serbia has no more potential for opposing another wave of populism. All questions are still open – from those dealing with political system to the conceptual one. Since 2000 not a single government has defined its vision of Serbia’s...   More >>>


First “Triumphs” of the New Regime


By Ivan Torov

As it seems, one hundred days of the rule of the parliamentary-patriotic makeshift produced the result that was quite predictable when Boris Tadic lost the presidential race and Ivica Dacic accepted with both hands the “take it or leave it” offer: economic and political agony grew beyond all bounds, while the new rulers clearly indicated that at the right moment they would “settle” the newly created chaos by reviving Milosevic’s totalitarianism. Given that in the hands of recycled cadres of 1990s (with assistance from inevitable...   More >>>


Serbia at the International Scene


By Petar PopoviŠ

Initial effects of the new regime’s policy only add to the impression that Belgrade’s boat is changing its course. More and more frequently Serb officials are stating that membership of EU is not a goal to be achieved at all costs, that there are things more important than integration (Kosovo) and that should Brussels continue insisting on accession preconditions (recognition of Kosovo’s territorial integrity) there is always an alternative: a speedier movement towards Russia. The September meeting between...   More >>>


Mafia and the State


By Zoran Janic

Nebojsa Covic’s name has been popping up every now and then over years – either in the context of allegations of crime and plunder, under-the-counter dealings or complicity in Zoran Djindjic’s assassination. This was the case not long ago when an episode of the TV B92 series “Patriotic Plunder” reported colossal misconduct that had literally swallowed billions of tax-payers’ Euros meant as assistance to Kosovo Serbs at the time Covic was in charge of distribution of these moneys. What marks all these affairs is that Covic’s name is...   More >>>


NO 167-168

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