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NO 169-170

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Helsinki Charter No. 169-170

November - December 2012




By Sonja Biserko

Recent acquittals of two Croatian generals, Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac, and of Kosovo leader Ramush Haradinaj by ICTY Appeal Chamber opened up a major issue Serbia has neglected for long: the issue of nature of ex-Yugoslav wars. Reactions by governmental institutions, the media and even the civil sector revealed again how deep-
seated the theories of Serbs’ victimization are and how little Belgrade is ready to face up its responsibility for the cruellest conflict in Europe after WWII. Speaking as one, the state and the media claimed that Serbs were...   More >>>


Platform for Kosovo Talks


By Vladimir Gligorov

Things are pretty clear
when it comes to the newly publicized “Platform for Kosovo talks.” True, it is treated as a draft or a
non-paper, which could mean that its real meaning would emerge only once politically implemented. First, let’s see what’s in.
The basic idea behind it is to transfer competences to Kosovo authorities in line with appropriate constitutional provisions on establishment of autonomous institutions of the Serb minority and the status of the Serb Orthodox Church. This would solve the following problems: There would be no need to amend...   More >>>


The Balkans


By Ivan Torov

Skepticism does not necessarily reflect weakness. On the other hand, optimism – even when prospects are not exactly bright – can be an insurmountable barrier preventing one from seeing beyond the end of one’s nose or one’s own backyard. This could summarize realities in the Balkans at the turn of the year: realities that in many ways tell a very different story than a plenitude of delusions and stereotypes. The phenomenon permeates all the analyses of regional developments – from Slovenia to Greece – so much that their authors practically advocate two diametrically...   More >>>




NO 169-170

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