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NO 179-180

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Helsinki Charter No. 179-180

September - October 2013



By Seška Stanojlović

With this issue printed The Helsinki Charter will be published no longer. As one of longstanding projects of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, never deviating from its clear-cut editorial policy, the Charter has been issued for almost two decades. We take this opportunity to thank donor organizations, Norwegian and Swedish Helsinki Committees
and their respective governments in the first place, for having recognized the significance of the magazine’s concept for Serbia’s transition and given it their support. This is also the occasion to say thank you to our numerous contributors, friends and readers at home and in the region. Were it not for them the Charter would hardly lasted this long. The...   More >>>




By Sonja Biserko

The image of Aleksandar Vučić as the most powerful man in Serbia is being created systematically – something like the once
spin doctoring for Boris Tadić. However, Vučić’s actual power is limited: by the situation of the country, the balance of forces within the ruling coalition – within his party especially – and the influence of the conservative bloc that is not to be underestimated. He is being presented to the international community as the man in the forefront of modernization – like some Trojan horse...   More >>>




By Miroslav Filipović

The international
community takes that Kosovo Albanians have been taken care of: they got a state of their own, they have money enough and they are well on their way to full international
recognition. Therefore, the international community is now completely focused on Kosovo Serbs. They are the ones it tries to take care of, to protect from revenge and retaliation, they are the
ones it tries to ensure freedom, jobs and a life in peace for – of course within the already “cemented” state of Kosovo. The official Belgrade still...   More >>>



By Dragan Velikić

Imagine all those TV stations and newspapers that poison citizens with vulgarities and lies falling silent for a month. What would happen? The greatest bulk of the society would immediately be in
the addiction crisis.
Because we simply cannot live without our daily doses of primitivism. The whole nation would be in the same problem as heroin junkies at rehab. Having lived in insanity for half of a century we got used to our lives. Lies are our truths. Generations and generations believe that what they live...   More >>>


Transitional Justice


The state of Serbia continues the state-orchestrated crime through its judiciary, by being silent and by covering up the atrocities committed in the name of citizens who, proud
of their uniformed bandits and desperados, deny the truth, responsibility and justice for the victims.

By Bojan Tončić

The fourth record of the activities of the Serbian military units – the one about the crimes
committed in the zone of responsibility of the 125th Motorized Brigade of the Yugoslav Army - also reveals a series of
shocking testimonies about the ferocious murders and persecution...   More >>>


NO 179-180

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