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The other side: Kristijan and some others

Ratko Dmitrović

April 25 2014 | Večernje novosti

I have not one good word for Kristijan Golubovic, nor do I have any interest in his life. I have not had coffee with anyone of the type, they had access to the media that I had led (and still lead) only through the black chronicle. But what has been taking place in the media sphere around Golubovic in the last couple of days sickens me. Double standards and hypocrisy that breaks one’s check, all over again.

I raise both of my hands for closing all the TV screens in Serbia, for now and for forever, to the people from the criminal milieu, convicts, suspects, problematic, as well as those unemployed who drive cars worth 80, 000 Euros, those that have villas in Dedinje and Senjak that no one knows what they do, or are in civil service positions which do not pay a wage higher than 800 Euros.

I have no problem to agree with the assessment that a publicly presented TV story of Kristijan Golubovic can push some, still non-established, boy into crime. That is a potential danger but...let us, for a change, be principled.

How exactly is, say, the story of Kristijan Golubovic more dangerous for this society than the narrative of Jelena Milic, for the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies, promoter of NATO. She is on screen more often than Golubovic, has regular columns, blogs, what not, in influential media, participates in public panels, holds lectures, and claims that Serbia should have been bombed in 1999. That was, as she explains, the only way to prevent Milosevic’s crimes in Kosovo in 1998/1999. Of course, she fails to mention the armed uprising of Albanians. She also fails to explain the situation in 1995, when Croatia expelled 250,000 Serbs, and NATO not only did not bomb Zagreb, but helped Tudjman’s army in the business of ethnic cleansing of Serbs.

What consequences can, in the mind of the same immature and non-established boy, cause to attitudes of Jelena Milic? Are those socially acceptable attitudes? I know, someone will say that Golubovic is legally convicted while Jelena Milic is not even being charged. Formally this is the situation.

But this is, as I understood, about the consequences which certain publicly expressed views cause, and the biographies of the people who express such views. This led UNS, NUNS and the RRA to publicly react.

Another woman, Sonja BIserko, is a guest on Serbian television more often than Seka Aleksic, and she testified at the Hague in order to prove the genocidal proneness of the State of Serbia, making lists snitching Serbian intellectuals, professors, public figures, and no one has, from the well-wishers mentioned in this, thought of asking for her public appearances to be banned.

How are the views of Kristijan Golubovic and his biography more dangerous for Serbian society than the views and biography of Sonja Biserko? Or let us put it like this: what kind of social influence on the Serbian youth does, for example, the film Rambo have, who has been killing first across Vietnam, then Afghanistan, and mainly Russians? The series is played even on RTS. How is Kristijan more dangerous than Rambo? The first one is real, the second is a movie character, some might say. But where is the difference in terms of impact on the psyche of a child? Every day Serbian television broadcasts at least five movies (American) in which people have their hands cut off, eyes dug out, kidneys removed, blood drank... and no one is bothered by this, the RRA does not see it as a problem, a socially dangerous influence.

Really, let us be principled at least occasionally. It will not hurt.



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