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Press release from RWL SEE

May 20, 2015



On 09 and 10 May 2015 in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia, few events took place that were very disturbing. A large group of armed persons clashed with police in a very densely populated area in the downtown area in Kumanovo. Peace and security of all citizens was threatened.

Regional Women's Lobby for Peace, Security and Justice in South-eastern Europe (RWL SEE) strongly condemns the violence that occurred, expressed condolences to the families of the dead and hopes for a fast recovery of the injured persons from the security structures. It also supports the fight against terrorism and violence.

RWL calls on political parties, institutions, journalists and all citizens to replace hate speech by mutual dialogue that will lead to a calming of tensions, peace and security of every citizen.

RWL encourages the leaders of the main political parties to continue dialogue to overcome the political crisis and create an environment of steady progress of ethnic relations, build democratic institutions, support democratic values and promote Euro-Atlantic integration.

Active role in this process must have the women politicians, leaders, activists at all levels in Macedonia.

RWL calls on political leaders and representatives of the international community in negotiations to overcome the political crisis it is necessary to include women. They requested to be active participants in peace-building, improving interethnic relations, strengthening of democratic processes and thus improve the life of all citizens.


Members of the Regional Women’s Lobby for Peace, Security and Justice in the Southeast Europe (RWL SEE):

Albania: Marieta Zace, Eglantina Gjermeni, Majlinda Bregu

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Memnuna Zvizdić, Nada Tešanović, Meliha Alić, Ismeta Dervoz

Croatia: Grodana Sobol, Morana Paliković Gruden, Lovorka Marinović

Kosovo: Edita Tahiri, Teuta Sahatqija, Luljeta Vuniqi

Macedonia: Irina Pockova, Teuta Arifi, Savka Todorovska

Montenegro: Nada Drobnjak, Slavica Striković, Ljubomirka Mira Asović

Serbia: Sonja Biserko, Nataša Mičić, Liljana Radovanović, Staša Zajović



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