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What Right-Wing Women Want

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

By Izabela Kisic and Zlatko Pakovic


Only six years after its inception, the right-wing Serbian Progressive Party, which formed as an offshoot of the Serbian Radical Party, won the 2014 Serbian elections with 1.7 million votes. About 350,000 voters cast ballots for other right-wing and far-right parties. Women in the right wing are active in Serbian politics, and shape public opinion through the media, cultural institutions, local governments, universities, and schools. This is a film about them and their influence on the role of women in society and politics.

Some women in the right wing have begun to adopt elements of feminist and left-wing movements. Are they truly advocating for women’s rights, or is it a ploy to gain favor with female voters?

What is behind the slogans, “Women do not need more rights, but more privileges,” and “A wise woman and a mother at the same time”? Can issues related to population policy be resolved democratically? Can right-wing gender policies be analyzed outside of the right-wing nationalist agenda? These are some of the themes that the film explores.

The film features Serbian Democratic Party president Sanda Rašković Ivić, journalist and Dveri activist Dragana Kukrić, SNP 1389 activist Mirjana Stanković, Zavetnici spokeswoman Milica Đurđević, as well as feminists professor Nada Sekulić, BEFEM representative Jelena Višnjić, and women’s studies scholar Nađa Duhaček.

Authors: Izabela Kisić (scenario and research) & Zlatko Paković (director), Igor Filipovic (narrator), Dragoslav Mihajlović (editor), Rade Radivojša (camera)

Production: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, 2015

Running time 30 minutes.



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