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NO 153-154

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Helsinki Charter No. 153-154

July - August 2011




By Sonja Biserko

Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit sobered up the Serb elite about EU candidacy the regime expects Serbia to obtain this autumn. The key message Merkel put across was that Belgrade should not count on progressing towards EU integration unless it normalized relations with Pristina. EULEX should place the entire territory of Kosovo under its control and Serb parallel institutions in its north have to be dismissed, she said. In other words, Serbia should accept the Ahtisaari plan, something to which the statements by US and EU representatives this summer had already hinted at this...   More >>>


Kosovo's North


By Miroslav Filipovic

Denouement in Kosovo, including its north, mostly depends on NATO estimate of how would Kosovo Serbs in the north respond to a really serious military-police action by Kosovo Security Forces and KFOR. If the international community assesses Serbs' violent reaction to such an action as acceptable and controllable it will go for it - probably not before Serbia's elections in spring 2012 but will undertake it without doubt. The news that another 17...   More >>>


Kosovo "topic" again on the agenda


By Ivan Torov

The latest and, as it seems, the most dramatic crisis in and about Kosovo since independence declaration probably has put a final curtain on some dilemmas but reopened other - as if to show that not a single problem in this neuralgic Balkan region could be solved without fresh turmoil and disturbance. Though Pristina's attempt to take control over border-crossing points in the north by the use of special police forces and...   More >>>


The Balkan Region


By Vladimir Gligorov

During her recent visit to Serbia German Chancellor Angela Merkel said what everyone knew at least since the European Union has established EULEX in Kosovo, which - exactly what its name says - has the duty to impose rule of law. What everyone also knows - at least since then - is that EULEX and parallel structures in Kosovo North, both dependent and independent from Belgrade authorities - cannot exist side by side. All that Ms. Merkel said was something like...   More >>>


Transitional Justice


(To mark August 30, International Day of the Disappeared)

By Irena Antic

Curiosity and the need to face his demons brought Edvin, today a 22-year-old, to one of the most infamous concentration camps in Brcko. In 1992, hundreds of local Bosniaks and Croats were cruelly tortured, humiliated and killed in this place. Most of them have never been found. He faced the Luka camp and the Sava River - the waters of which were the resting place for so many innocent people - in the twilight...   More >>>


NO 153-154

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