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Over eleven months in 2015 the Committee continues its longstanding monitoring of Serbia’s prisons and penal policy.

The project’s objectives in 2015 are to further increase leverage on the administration to effectuate the reformist strategy and to contribute to the effectiveness of NPM and Citizens’ Ombudsman Office.

Activities include 9 fact-finding tours of 9 prisons and 8 local alternative sanctions offices; reporting on/publishing of the achievements/setbacks in prison reform in 2015; and 1 press conference.

Target groups are governmental officials, legislators, judges for “execution of criminal sanctions” and institutional personnel.

The project is expected to further sensitize executive and judiciary branches to their responsibility to effectuate the prison reform and increase effectiveness of NGO control and NPM.





The report on the situation in the institutions for execution
of criminal sanctions


Authors: Jelena Mirkov, Ljiljana Palibrk, Dr. Zoran Ilic,
Dr. Aleksandra Bezarevic

Belgrade, February 2016

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia (HCS) continued monitoring the prison system reforms in 2015, i.e. the reform of the institutions for the enforcement of criminal
sanctions in Serbia. The project entitled "Continued monitoring
of the prison system reforms" was supported by the Civil Rights Defenders. Visits to the institutions for the enforcement of
criminal sanctions and offices for alternative sanctions were accomplished with the permission and support of the Ministry of Justice and the Directorate for Enforcement of Criminal
Sanctions, while the visits to the...   Acrobat PDF (971kb) >>>




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